Mindless however intelligible Mumblings:


When the world drives to a delirious state of things, we then Should drive towards a delirious state of mind. Then what follows is that you are at the edge of things. The edge of what is considered normal and the abnormal. The precipice beyond which is unthought of this far. The unseen and the unimagined. This is the threshold of things where original and genuine creativity brews. Because everything else is flat out insanity or fine tuned sophistication. True creativity is an elusive spot in between sane and insane. One can not conform with the sane and claim creativity, because expressions of this sort will be abundantly found. Also can not become insane, because simply it is too much. But have the fortitude to remain at the threshold of these two things and struggle relentlessly to keep your position firm and limitless creativity will flow into you and out of you and all your functioning self will ooze with the essence of what others now may or one day will find as "wow, that is really interesting"