Problem with the modeling industry


There are eras in history where immense new innovations in arts and thinking take place. And there are times when imitation and relentless "fine tuning of the already existing" takes place. Like the artistic flourishing during the renaissance and the post modern times when booms of creativity abounded. 

But now I feel like we are at an age of stagnation of art. These are times when status quo thinking in creativity is strengthened and ever sophistically  fine tuned. Sideways, upside down  ideas are looked down upon. 

So photography gets its fair share from this. Where supposed opinions and experts are well established with their principles and guidelines. Magazine and fashion/beauty industry is a monumental testament to that. 

A person is creative when they can choose to act freely in artistic expression regardless of the onslaught of criticism or lack of appreciation. 

So it is difficult now for a model to do anything but to produce already produced images of the countless same. Differences are in the fine tuning rather than free expression of creativity. 

You can not get accepted to a modeling agency with fine art shots or with conceptual images for example. Especially grunge is completely left out.  Don't these reflect parts of being human and aren't  fashion and beauty supposed to be as varied as the types of human figures and minds are out there? However, as things stand one would have to answer with a bitter "No!"

Because only one aspect is being promoted and all other variety is swept aside. So models follows suit, so does photographers, so does other artists who collaborate. 

And the artists with a marginal mind  exactly are done that with. They are marginalized. Not through overt criticism but through silent rejection. One of the many inflictions of social media. Only the most courageous can go on while not being appreciated fully time and time after. 

So we must conform or we must resist. Choice is ours and consequences of the latter are hard.