Something about babies


It has always stricken me with great surprise that almost nobody asks the question of what  a human baby desires?

I don't mean necessities like food or comfort and warmth but really truly what it desires. 

Because we give babies many things like toys and colorful things. Stuff that we consider cute. Because the baby is cute and the cuteness of things which we give to a baby matches the baby's cuteness so we are content. But the baby doesn't know that it is cute. It doesn't even know what cuteness is yet. It has no particular desire for cute things. It doesn't even understand what cute is. 

So we project our desires and wants onto the baby. We give babies what we desire for it to want. We project our preferences onto the baby. 

Baby doesn't have a language and in all honesty probably doesn't prefer any particular language. It doesn't know what language is. It doesn't understand it yet. You can take any baby from any language group and place it in another and the baby won't know the difference. And will pick up whatever language happens to be around. 

A baby doesn't desire a particular culture. A baby doesn't know what culture is. It is happy to imitate whatever culture it happens to be engulfed in. 

So we give the baby these things. And baby has no say in it. It just takes it. It absorbs like a sponge whatever information happens to be around. 

A baby doesn't desire a particular religion. It doesn't know what religion is. Therefore if you raise a baby as Taoist. It will become that. Or a Buddhist. Or any other religion. It may change its mind later on. But at first it has no choice but to absorb whatever happens to be around. 

So a baby in this sense doesn't really have much of a preference or choice towards any of these. 

And then the biggest shocker of all is that we all at one time were babies.