Culture is your operating system


Culture is the instruction manual of the human mind which has its home in human brain. What is meant here by the word culture is two folds. 

First one is the accepted overall social order, norms, traditions, fashion, cuisine and allowed body gestures ad infinitum...

Religions, ideologies of all sorts like liberalism or conservatism, fitness culture, underground cultures  and even scientific traditions is of this type. Although some can be more grasping than others.  Culture is our operating system. This is an interesting idea to entertain.  If you are running a spiritual operating system for example your mind is open to many mysterious concepts like energies, shakras, oras and mystical properties of atoms and molecules. You view the world through this window. And some ideas will not be compatible with your operating system. Such as scientific inquiry usually is not mutually agreeable  with spiritual operating systems. Someone can also be running a scientific operating system or a religious operating system. A pure pragmatic, individualistic operating system. Some people have health and fitness based operating systems. This is not to say that human beings are just limited a narrow single  operating system although this can be the case. But most often endless amalgamations and strange mixtures of different types of operating systems. 

Once a person has been inflicted with a world view as such, they become one with it. They harmonize and blend with it. They identify their individual self with this view or the operating system and will defend it rigorously while refusing or rejecting other incompatible ideas. 

Any contradiction will be explained within the system of reason based on the ideas which stems from the operating system and new information will get integrated as good or bad. As acceptable or not acceptable. 

When you meet someone who is running a instruction set in their brains that souls are real you will see that they will not accept the point of view that the spirit or soul is a bi-product of biological evolution. That the psychology, thoughts and feelings are entirely based on biology. 

You can tell after a short while of conversation what ideas a person is open to and what others  are beyond their reasonable acceptance. You can determine how free or constrained their mind is, based on the instructions of the operating system they are running. 

In a broad sense, if you are running a operating system of Christianity 1.0 the world is a non moving object around with all other planets and the sun revolves. If you are running the 5.2 version you may now consider it acceptable that the earth is not stationary and even be able to accept the concept of biological evolution partially or fully.

If you are running the newest fitness 7.1, all kinds of  bewilderingly detailed accepting and rejecting of food molecules will be your language. You will be lost trying to navigate an endless jungle of how much of some molecules found in food you should take and how to block the intake of countless many others. You will have unbelievably detailed information on body movements in exercise and how many sets of what and theories in weight loss and how evil gluten is etc. 

Second meaning of culture is the personal culture.  The set collection of formed personal preferences and tastes and styles, wants and dislikes, fears and desires ad infinitum... Overall culture will have a heavy influence on these set of ideas however people can be somewhat independent from overall culture  in their personal preferences especially in free market economies and instead could be affected by their instinctual drives more so. Overall culture may promote selfless acts while the personal culture may provoke vigorous self promotion. A person who has conformed to more of a individualistic culture will see his or her own view and preferences as Ten Commandments. 

"I will do as I wish and love me as I am" mentality for example. other persons' voices are just evil influences trying to nudge them from their holly anchor of personal satisfaction. These types of people will be super resistant to change. Because voices of others which may incite change will not be heard.  These types of people will see other people's opinions as deadly criticism and a source of malady. They will turn away and walk away unless their personal desires find fulfillment in any situation. They will simply refuse to be in discomforting situations and won't be able to see these as opportunities of growth. 

However, it must be considered reasonably that the culture as a set of instructions which provide useful guidance  is also a prison for the human mind. 

It subjugates and subverts the true power of the limitless freedom human mind is capable of. Namely the power of free thinking. 

A human mind can be free of the slavish influence of culture., personal or otherwise This is not to promote to deny everything and live in absolute nihilism. One can entertain many ideas, perspectives, different opinions and multifaceted evaluation of good and bad at every moment and create an on the fly analyses and judgement which is free from preconceived notions and set rules and preformed conceptions, and unchanging personal preferences and desires. 

I believe here lies the true power of the human mind. To become unhinged from any preset and to experience true and unique freedom of thought fueled by never ending seeking of knowledge of all forms. 

-although I have thought quite a lot about the relationship between mind and culture . I must say that culture being like an operating system I first heard from Terrence Mckenna.