A note on civilization


Isn't the entire civilization an exuberant manifestation of primitive human desires of food, physical protection in the form of clothes, shelter, and sex. 

When you are driving around or taking a stroll down a open air mall. Take a look around and see what you see? Clothing stores, restaurants and placse of entertainment which mostly fulfills the need of the meeting up of the sexes and places to live in. Not much else. 

So really what we have accomplished in all our grandeur which we are so proud of is that, we have taken what dogs and cats and other apes strive for and extrapolated it to an infinite multitude. 

As intelligent as a species that we are, our buildings only are a testament to our primitive animalistic greeds as the peacock's tale is a testament to blind evolutionary forces. 

Silly state of affairs for anyone who has given it a few minutes of thought.