A hypothesis on love


When in Love a person is faced with a fork in the road. Playing the usual game of who in the end will come out on top and dominate or to give in to perfect submission. True love is not possible in the first alternative but totally dependent attachment is. Second path is also very tricky. Because it requires the full submission of both parties. This of course requires unimaginable wisdom and self awareness. And in the unfortunate event that one person sees this as weakness and pries on it is the worst thing that can happen to a person who has given in. 

Second path requires to see love at first as an end on its own. It need to be above all other objectives. This is impossibly difficult. But if given the chance it will than flourish and transmogrify itself into a mean to enable all that is magnificent  for both parties who are in love. A most difficult yet unimaginably promising hypothesis.